Our Approach

Stepping Stones


These tools support you—youth activists, educators, adult allies and intergenerational teams—to design YPAR projects of your own. Together our communities can heal and thrive across generations.

Our 6 Core Values
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Our relationships to each other, to place, and to culture are the most important assets we have.

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Our communities are always learning, growing and evolving.

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Through investing in our youth, we invest in our future.

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We leverage the wisdom of our communities.

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We center those most impacted by the issue at hand.

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We make decisions for the future and well-being of all.

How were these applied

to real projects?

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Learn more about how you can apply these activities to fit your unique needs.

Start with Stepping Stone 1 for an introduction to youth participatory action research (YPAR, a.k.a. Youth REP, youth-led action research, CBPR).

For an overview of the full process, download our Stepping Stones poster:

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Stepping Stone 1 purple tile

Get Ready For
Your Project

Stepping Stone 2 red tile

Get to Know Your
Project & Team

Stepping Stone 3 green tile

Choose a Focus: What
Do You Want to Change?

Stepping Stone 4 purple tile

Develop Your
Research Plan

Stepping Stone 5 red tile

Practice Research Skills

Stepping Stone 6 green tile

Conduct Research

Stepping Stone 7 purple tile

Analyze Your Data

Stepping Stone 8 red tile

Create & Share Final

Stepping Stone 9 green tile

Take Action